Precision Rifle Part V: Sum of its parts

Precision Rifle 2With the addition of a simple bipod the Precision Rifle was ready for the range. I was very interested to see how this would all come together. This project was a study in focus. My goal was to build a rifle that could put 75gr .223 bullets on target at longer ranges and to do so at a very low cost. That being said it would require some key choices. With everything you see in these photos the total cost of parts was right at $850.00. The key here was again focus: I used an old A2 buttstock because for this application it works perfectly well. I didn’t need a cheek riser as I was able to mount the scope so low that a standard cheek weld on the stock was perfect. Likewise I was able to use an old stock grip because it just wasn’t important for this application. Precision Rifle 1With my modest goal of A-zone hits at 300 yds, the Simmons scope is very good. Frankly this gun could do much, much better even at greater distances. Using the mil-dot scope the ranging and adjustments can be done on the fly and certainly on a budget. However the trigger was a no-compromise solution and for this application it is indeed a critical component. Of course, the complete upper was a great find and I still marvel at the fact that RGuns isn’t more widely known than they are.

Precision Rifle 3
First shots sighting in the rifle.

So once at the range it was time to put it all to the test. I have to tell you that the first few shots put a smile on my face that stayed all day. The Geissele SSA-E trigger was just wonderful. The first stage is a little over 2 lb.s then there’s a 1.2 lb. 2nd stage to break the shot. The wall at the 2nd stage is well-defined and for me it is the perfect weight. I essentially just will the shot and it happens. Also, the gun is big and heavy thus allowing a great deal of stability during and after the shot. Getting back on targets even at distance was very easy.

Mark shooting the Precision Rifle
Mark laying down the hurt

I just love it! So, after a preliminary sighting in at 50 yds, I dialed it in at 100 yds. and haven’t touched the adjustment since. It’s been almost a year and the rifle is incredibly accurate. Granted, the longest shot I’ve taken is at 200 yds. but even without trying hard I was hitting the 10 ring every single shot. It seems obvious to me that the rifle could do much better in more capable hands. For me I am very happy to know that I have built a gun that will put rounds exactly where I want them and do so at a price point that makes it a fun AND affordable project.

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