Firearms4u: Is it just about gear?

When I started this blog it was primarily to share technical details of firearms and related items. I was spending a fair amount of time writing emails and talking to people about things I had found and stuff I had learned while becoming reacquainted with modern firearms after a lengthy hiatus. The blog was really a way for me to consolidate and organize this information so that I had a handy reference to which I could direct anyone with a relevant interest. It has certainly fulfilled that purpose.

Recently however I have received requests to talk about topics other than gear, such as shooting technique, training principles, match preparation and several others. I have decided that I will give it a try.

I think that even more than equipment preference, technique is incredibly individual and what I have found that works for me may simply not work at all for others. Just look at many of the top USPSA shooters and you will see many of them do things very differently. Let’s face it, if there was “One True Technique” we would all use it and performance would only be a matter of how closely we hew to the line. With that in mind I will share some fundamentals that have given me some measure of success.

While I am certainly no expert I have learned enough to be helpful to those relatively new to competitive shooting. I hope you find it useful and as always, feel free to comment and/or send me questions directly.

Most of all, get out there and shoot!

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