Precision Rifle Part III: Simmons Whitetail Classic 6.5-20x 50mm

SimmonsScope-1With the base rifle assembled I still needed to put a proper optic on it. After reading a lot of information about scopes I decided that it would be very difficult to beat the 6.5-20x version of Simmons’ Whitetail Classic scope with Mildot reticle. The glass is really clear and consistently finished. Given the large 50mm objective lens, this is a behemoth. As if it wasn’t big enough I added the 4″ sunshade tube to the front. SimmonsSunShade
The tube keeps out a lot of spurious light but there is still plenty of light coming from the target area. The Mildot is calibrated for 16x magnification and even at that high setting it is very easy to see the target even in relatively low light situations.


Compared to Schmidt and Bender, Leupold, Nikon or any of the other expensive scopes, this basic scope will have many deficiencies, especially for true long-range expert shooters. But at $124 it is an incredibly good scope for use out to several hundred yards. NOTE: the non-Mil-Dot versions are closer to $100.

So with the scope mounted, the rifle was essentially built but this project would not be complete without a really good trigger. Part IV covers the superb Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced 2-stage combat trigger.

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William Daugherty is a firearms enthusiast, competitive shooter and Second Amendment advocate living in the Upper Connecticut River Valley region of Northern New England.
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